The MFA Partners

These are the people and organisations who donate their time and resources to help make MFA the biggest and best event of the season


Cafe Chaud Morzine

 Without Cafe Chaud, MFA would be a pretty mellow affair. Each year the team run one of the most important parts of the festival - the bar!


Bro! Clothing

Who better to host the ceremony that the happiest man on earth, Nick Coates?!

He’s the host with the most, and he’s coming for you!


Avoriaz Snowzone

The work that these guys put in to keeping our parks shaped to perfection is mindblowing. We’re so proud to have them as an official partner. They’ll even be judging the films this year!

Slush Clothing

Famous for their charitable work, Slush have created a super exclusive line of Morzine Film Awards shirts this year! Every penny from these sales will go straight to the 2019 Charities!



Did you feel the floor shake last year? Thanks to Tom Hiseman at MFP, we have the most badass sound system in the history of the world!


Happy Hours Bar

The king of event design in Morzine, Victor will always been an essential ingredient in what makes MFA so original.


Avalanche Cocktails

As an official partner from the very beginning, Ben is an integral part of running the festival. He’s even going to have an earpiece this year!


Planks Clothing

Last year Planks brought their very own pro team out to Morzine to judge the films. Two-time olympian and X-Games gold medalist James Woodsy Woods even awarded the winning team their trophy!


Avoriaz 1800

Their determination to improve the resort year upon year has put Avoriaz 1800 at the heart of what makes the Portes Du Soleil such an awesome place. The immense effort that goes into maintaining the resort is mind blowing, all so we can have a damn good time every single day.


Heineken Beer

The overwhelming generosity of Heineken means we’re able to raise record-breaking amounts of money for charity each year. The beer they donate so that you can loosen yourself up for the night ahead is invaluable.



The MFA Sponsors

These are the people and organisations who support MFA by making essential donations