12 Hilarious Films, €3000 Raised For Charity!

Your 2019 Champions:


Roostache Crew - ZORAT

Cultural learnings of Morzine for make benefit glorious nation of Roostistan!


Shredits - Dirty Riding

Nobody puts baby in the corner.


Clit Drop - MANZINE (BOYZ)

Tits, ass, balls, lesbians and big hucks.

To all the teams who made films, we salute you!

We were completely blown away by the level of filmmaking this summer. Our all-star judging panel said that they were some of the best and funniest MTB films they’d ever seen! Thank you for your creativity, hilarity and weirdness - you are the reason the first ever Morzine Summer Film Festival was such a huge success!

The 2019 teams:

The 2019 Awards

We would also like to say a massive thank you to the team at Cafe Chaud Morzine and Marsh Guard for helping us put on such an awesome event. We’re so excited to go bigger and better next summer!

We’re Proud To Work With The Best To Bring You The Best: